Forsyth County Comments on Sheriff’s Race – Griffith IS the Man for the Job!

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Posted by (fairandbalanced) on 04/08/2010 at 08:40 am.

There is an undercurrent of political change in this country and this community. In 2008, we witnessed the pendulum swing far to the left, and to the delight of the Journal’s staff. Their reporting, or lack of it, is a demonstration of this.

I have met both candidates, seen them speak, and have randomly approached deputies for their preference. I have even extended this informal poll to police officers and two officers I know at the federal level. The overwhelming response has been that the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department needs new leadership. I encourage other to do the same. If those I entrust to protect me believe it is time for new leadership, it must be.

On a final note, every time I have seen the two candidates speak the challenger, Dave Griffith has affirmed his Christian Faith and Conservative Values. For me, this is an important attribute for elected officials. I’m tired of RINO (Republican in name only) candidates. I know the Journal’s staff won’t like it but I want Conservative Republicans representing me.

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