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Yes friends, the comments just keep coming! Presenting my next sample of Forsyth County opinion!

FCSO WATCH :: View topic – ELECTION year 2010: .”

“A great candidate…Just as the Journal endorses Sheriff Bill Schatzman (‘Sheriff’s primary,’ April 18), I would like to endorse David Griffith for the Republican nomination for Forsyth County sheriff. I believe him to be a great sheriff candidate who knows the grass-roots segment of our community and what the job of sheriff entails. He relates well to the people and will put them first above party politics. David made a great contribution to the present sheriff’s first term in office and by reports of some of the deputies, he was always there for them. He simply wants to serve the people.

David serves faithfully as a lay leader of our church and has for the past six years. He has always been there for the young and old. We will do well to elect him in the present primary to run in the November election.

My only negative criticism of the present sheriff would be his apparent arrogance in the threat he made toward Forsyth County commissioner Gloria Whisenhunt — that she wouldn’t get re-elected if she did not support his budget request in 2005. This is a red flag to me that should not go unnoticed. Power can become a dangerous thing.




Comment: This letter to the editor was posted in the WS Journal today.”

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