FCSO WATCH :: View topic – ELECTION year 2010 – Forsyth County Sheriff -Griffith

Another interesting comment found on a blog concerning the Sheriff race in Forsyth County. Just passing it on.

FCSO WATCH :: View topic – ELECTION year 2010:

“Amazes me how our County Commissioners AND our WS Journal have ignored deaths in the detention center; drugs exchanged for homosexual favors; misuse of county funds; numerous actions that would increase our liability potential (should have been picked up by risk management, at least !); gross mismanagement of entire SRO program threatening safety of OUR children; and a very expensive high rate of turnover which is 3 times as hi as in the three previous administrations. OH, did I forget to mention Schatzman’s relationship with Rural Hall, Lewisville and Clemmons who contract with FCSO for law enforcement?

DAVE GRIFFITH represents honesty and integrity and stands by his slogan….People NOT Politics. As always, Bill Schatzman represents Bill Schatzman. It’s our choice….NOW. Please don’t just stand by and watch…..we gotta take folks to the polls. For many of us it’s a 10-18″

Just passing it on to my readers.

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