WXII Discredits WXII…Trying to Make a Fool Out of Griffith Simply Made Fools Out of Them…Typical.

Hey WXII…What is up with this article about Dave Griffith?

“Never underestimate the gullibility of the American people,” would typically be Lesson Number One in a collegiate political science class. Certainly your May 1 story and televised newscast attempting to discredit Dave Griffith, GOP Candidate for Forsyth County Sheriff, depends on lesson number one being correct.

You (WXII) have shown your true intent i.e. to slam GOP Sheriff Candidate Dave Griffith, by virtue of your headline “Griffith Ad Half Correct.” Why could it not have been titled “Many Claims Against the Sheriff Department Have Merit.” As your title implicated…WXII admits that at least one half of Griffith’s claims ARE true. Is this a WXII attempt to mimic the political pandering of National Main Stream Media? Since when did it become media’s job to obfuscate the truth for a political end?

The very premise of your investigative claims are illogical.

You state:

“The ad’s first claim that Forsyth County has 60 gangs cites a 2010 crime report from the North Carolina governor. A check of that report does list 60 gangs in Forsyth County — the third largest in the state — but a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said the report is inaccurate and the actual number of gangs is only 35.”

Is WXII challenging the North Carolina Governor’s report? Is WXII going to investigate THEM? Who is this “Sheriff’s Department spokesman?” Why did you leave their name off the record? Is WXII saying that an un-named spokesman has more merit than the North Carolina Governor’s report? Are you saying that the Sheriff’s department is incapable of “creating” their own numbers” i.e. MAKING STUFF UP to discredit a political opponent?

Get real WXII! You can do better than this.

Your article/newscast also stated:

“…that Forsyth County’s crime rate, at 60 percent, is higher than the rate for the rest of the state. Griffith attributes the figures to nonprofit group Forsyth Futures. WXII checked with Forsyth Futures, which claimed the number is based on an analysis of state and federal reports that include crime numbers from every law enforcement agency in the county.”

OK. You said it yourself WXII. All law enforcement agencies in Forsyth County EXCEPT OUR SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT have agreed that Forsyth Counties crime rate is 60% higher than the rate for the rest of the state. So…according to you…the ACCREDITED Winston Salem Police Department, all other Police Departments in the County, the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the State Bureau of Investigation…all of these agencies included in the Governor’s report, are WRONG and incumbent Sheriff Schatzman’s un-named spokesperson is RIGHT! Do you think the voters in this county are this gullible?

Your article mentioned a WXII 12 News Investigation that:

“followed a sheriff’s detective as he checked the homes of five registered sex offenders. Two of the five offenders were not at home, which the detective told WXII was typical.”

and your article stated:

“According to University of North Carolina at Greensboro political science professor Dr. Jerry Pubantz, that sample size was too small since WXII only visited five of the nearly 500 registered sex offenders in Forsyth County.”

Who in the world is “Dr. Jerry Pubantz” and how far did you have to look to find him? The facts are that Sheriff Schatzman has more staff in his HR department than he does keeping up with sex offenders. Our incumbent has claimed to have three people on staff per the GOP debate at the Golden Corral last Monday. SEE VIDEO of incumbent saying so at www.stringingandstrowing.blogspot.com called Shootout Part 2. What he fails to mention is that one of these staffers is in a supervisory position, who by Sheriff’s Department Policy is not allowed to answer calls, and another is a part timer.

Playing devil’s advocate,if WXII claims are correct, and “Dr. Jerry Pubantz” has merit in forming an opinion concerning the tracking of sex offenders in Forsyth County…as a Dave Griffith supporter, I would like to focus on his statement “For the candidate to do that is perfectly fair.”

So. What is your point WXII? Get real. You can do better than this.

Your article stated:

“The Sheriff’s Department produced an application letter for the program [referencing 287g] dated Nov. 30, 2007, proving Griffith’s claim is inaccurate.

What about Griffith’s claim is inaccurate? He has claimed that our county…our Sheriff’s Department…does NOT participate in the 287g program. Refute that. That Schatzman provided some document to you does not prove that document’s validity! The fact is anybody can make up a document and pass it off as “official.” As we all know, social security cards, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates are easily fabricated…even DEAD people manage to vote in this country! Have you bothered to check with the 287g program and INQUIRE as to THEIR RECORDS concerning our incumbents application to this program?

Regardless of whether our incumbent applied or not for admittance to the 287g program, regardless of his “paperwork,” the fact cannot be argued that he DID NOT FOLLOW UP on his supposed application nor was he persistent. Why you ask? The answer is simple. The incumbent, Sheriff Schatzman is NOT interested in this program. He will never be interested in this program.

If WXII was interested in revealing the incumbents LACK OF INTEREST in the 287g program, all WXII has to do is publish the audio/video that WXII took at the 912 Symposium on Illegal Immigration held at Forsyth Tech last week. Your camera was there. The camera man was there operating the camera. You have audio/video of our incumbent stating his lack of interest in the 287g program. You have audio/video of Forsyth County Commissioner candidate Bill Whiteheart losing his temper, screaming at the crowd, and storming out of the meeting.

Where is that news WXII? Just wondering.

All WXII has accomplished with this article and newscast is to DISCREDIT WXII as a viable source of news! Get real WXII. You can do better than this.

Sincerely…Sandra Robles

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