Forsyth County Sheriff Candidate Dave Griffith Responds to WXII

As a conservative Republican candidate for Forsyth County Sheriff, I welcome the opportunity to debate the issues about the incumbent’s record raised in my political ad which is running in the Kernersville News and other media. Furthermore, I am eager to debate the incumbent on all points raised in the ad and numerous other subjects concerning drugs, gangs, sexual predators, and the safety of our children in public schools. It is my personal policy, and if elected sheriff my official policy, to never dodge an issue or avoid the citizens I work for, or the media.

My campaign manager attempted to reach Bill O’Neill Thursday evening and early Friday morning in advance of the interview to let him know that I could not meet him because I had to attend the funeral of a state highway patrolman. When he did not answer his calls, voice mail messages were left and the campaign manager’s phone number for follow-up. When these calls were not returned, a call was made directly to newsroom staff one half-hour before the scheduled interview at 10 am, Friday, so his time would not be wasted in traveling to the interview location. All of these events occurred within less than 24-hours notice.

I stand firm in the facts stated in my ad along with the sources I cited, as well as my own experiences as Chief Deputy Sheriff in the incumbent’s administration, and conversations with people close to the situation whom I trust. We have requested an opportunity to respond to WXII’s story and are waiting for an answer.

Sincerely…Dave Griffith Republican Candidate Forsyth County Sheriff

Stringing and Strowing says: VOTE DAVE GRIFFITH MAY 4 Forsyth County Sheriff.

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