Enough is Enough…Money,that is…Comrade OBAMA says So!!!

Watch this video. BamBam is without his teleprompter and his socialist/marxist roots start to show. Then from Eric at Redstate comes commentary:

Evidently our pay is not above his pay grade. Oh, really, President Obama? If you are so worried about people who’ve “made enough money”, you may want to have talk with a few people. Here’s a tip for you: start with George Soros. You’re welcome.
This is what Obama and his administration honestly believes. Having never worked a day in the private sector in their lives, they can only manage to put on big boy pants, but not to also act like big boys. As such, their naive view of the world and it’s “unfairness” reigns supreme and clouds absolutely every part of their agenda. To the point where apparently no one has told him that deciding how much money anyone makes is not his job and is, in fact, antithetical to the core principles of our nation.
Not only is he prancing around giving speeches about evil Wall Street, filled with feel good nonsense and super serious faces that even those who voted for him no longer believe, but he’s doing so when people are huddled around staring dejectedly at a one page Classified section. You know, Obama, people would like to make some money, reaching your apparent “too much” threshold or not, to provide for their families. Demonizing business isn’t going to do that. You know what will? Stop bailing out poorly run businesses. Stop regulating the good ones out of business.

Stop taxing them out of employing people.

I mean, at some point, hasn’t the Government made enough money?

You tell’em Eric. It’s all about taking away our money. Not Obama’s or Frank’s or Dodd’s or Soro’s money. They get to keep theirs. Redistribution of wealth only applies to the slaves on the plantation. That is me. You. Your kids.

Shut up BamBam. Your roots are showing.

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