Dave Griffith…A TRUE Lawman

My name is Rodney Robles and I retired from the North Carolina Highway Patrol as a Sergeant. I want to share my knowledge about Dave Griffith, Candidate for Forsyth County Sheriff.

I met Dave Griffith in a professional capacity. I was called to a motor vehicle crash one January morning. A witness informed me the driver crashed and ran into the woods. Just before entering the woods alone an unmarked vehicle pulled up. The driver identified himself as Dave Griffith with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. I advised him the driver ran into the woods and I was preparing to enter the woods to find him. He responded with his distinctive southern draw “Well let’s go get him”, dressed in a business suit and shiny shoes he never hesitated to track through the woods with me. We located the felon and made the arrest. I realized he was second in command at the Sheriff’s Office and could have easily requested deputies to assist me, but as a “true law man” he chose to enter the woods with me. His decision told me what kind of a man Dave Griffith is and his selfless act left a huge impression on me.

The Sheriff needs to be a “true law man” that isn’t afraid to get his shoes dirty and get in the trenches with fellow officers. He is the kind of man I want to represent Forsyth County.

Thanks Dave for being a “true law man” and for getting your shoes dirty! Vote Dave Griffith for Sheriff.

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