When Job Descriptions Really matter: WHAT IS A SHERIFF? May 4th Primary in Forsyth County North Carolina Sheriff’s Race

By Sandra Robles

From News with Views

“…the sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county. Within that jurisdiction – inside his county – the sheriff has more power than the governor of his state. Indeed, the sheriff has more power in his county than the President of the United States. In his county, he can overrule the President and kick his people out. Remember, the President has few and limited powers.
What? The sheriff can do that? He’s not just a character in a movie? That’s right. Not only can the sheriff do that; sheriffs have already done that, more than once.”

From the Examiner

“The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer in the United States and in the country. He’s the only one that directly reports to the power source: the people…he has promised them (in his oath) that he would uphold and defend and protect their constitutional rights. So he has basically promised to be the people’s protector from the wolves. Doesn’t matter where the wolf comes from.”

This office is too important for Forsyth County Citizens to ignore. Being too busy to vote or too busy to research the candidates is not an option in 2010. I ask all citizens to carefully weigh and consider which of the two GOP candidates, the incumbant Sheriff or Dave Griffith, should be on the GOP ballot May 4. Which man will most UPHOLD our United States Constitution, will be the most truthful and faithful to his oath of office? Who has the best plan to increase fiscal accountability of the Sheriff’s office? Which candidate has a proven record of success, and has the most implementable/deliberate plan to reduce crime in Forsyth County AND answer directly to those citizen’s who employ him?

Today Stringing and Strowing officially endorses Dave Griffith for Sheriff of Forsyth County, NC. I have researched both candidates, taking into consideration all of their qualifications. Dave Griffith is the man for the job of Forsyth County Sheriff. He is the ONLY Constitutional, Conservative, Christian candidate on the GOP ticket. If you have any questions about either candidate, comment or email me. Let’s talk.

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