How Much $ has Goldman Sach’s Given Obama Anyway?

By Sandra Robles

A great quote from Israpundit » Blog Archive » Obama’s Poodle Arlen Specter Squarely in Goldman Sachs’ Pocket:”>article about Specter the Defector concerning information found at

“Barack Obama accepted almost a million dollars in bundled contributions from Goldman Sachs’ employees, and more than another half million from those of J.P. Morgan Chase. If he succeeds in imposing cap and trade on the American economy, those executives will certainly get more than their money’s worth from government-mandated trading in carbon indulgences (similar to the medieval indulgence racket) at the expense of ordinary Americans”

Clearly, all the financial overhaul headlines and grandstanding/Environmental propaganda/EPA Carbon Regulation Agenda/Continued Bailouts/Nationalization of Private Business/An Unregulated and unaudited Federal Reserve/Wide open borders and unenforced immigration laws/Wallstreet and Sach’s charges/Obama posturing/Congressional hearings are a SMOKESCREEN.

They are all in on the scheme to separate you from your money via green regulations/financial regulations/intentional destruction of our job market and economy, with the intent to use that money to establish the NWO crowd i.e. destroy America. Goldman had to take the hit this time but don’t worry…they are going to be fine. Wallstreet might get a black eye or two. They just have to look and act offended. The folks that are going to end up with your money are crooks like Obama, Congress critters like Dodd & Frank & Pelosi, Big financiers like Goldman and Chase, those banks left after Obama thins them out (wouldn’t want to dilute the riches with too many folks), MONSTROUS companies like GE & Monsanto, ALGORE, Rupert Murdock, Soros, ACORN (they are NOT GONE), IAF affiliates like the CHANGE Organization, the Rockefeller’s and their NWO banking ilk, OTHER COUNTRIES (particularly banking, oil producing) and pretty much everyone who is ultra-wealthy, ultra-placed, ultra-powerful.

It is all a game. It is scripted. It is pre-arranged from it’s media beginnings to it’s regulatory end. You will owe and they will grow. Small & Medium sized businesses gone (either bought out, merged into huge companies, or regulated out of business). Middle class gone. Moderately wealthy gone. New wealth…a figment of the past. Limited water rights, gun rights, farming rights. Only the Ultra-rich and the chattel. The Massa’s and the working slaves…on Plantation USA. That’s it. Plain. Simple.

Can they be stopped. I don’t think so. 47% of America does not want to stop it because they do not realize they are slaves yet. They are too busy taking their government checks and demanding a free cradle to grave existence.

That leaves it up to the 53% (and shrinking)who pay taxes and support this country. If my math is correct, this means that in order to have a physical MAJORITY voice for freedom, only 2% can remain apathetic. That would put us at a pitiful 51% to 49%. I can’t see 100% of the 53% waking up. Statistically impossible.

Even though we are a Constitutional Republic, even though the Revolutionary War was fought and won by a mere 10% of the population…this time our enemy is on our own soil, not an ocean away. We are up against an enemy that is in your face full evil. It is going to take EVERY man, EVERY woman, EVERY young person to overcome the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.

There are enough apathetic Americans in MY OWN COUNTY to blow our two percentage points. Each of us MUST wake up our neighbors…our churches…our families. We MUST get over our petty differences and unite behind the Constitution.

It is now or never. God help us. Now or never.

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