Pending Legislation and the REAL TARGET: America

What Police State Legislation Looks Like | Elliott Wave International:

Robert Folsom writes:

“Not much information is available about the bill (S 3081), apart from snippets on blogs and websites I’ve never heard of. You may find my description too outrageous to accept: I understand. I didn’t believe it either. That’s why I went to the Library of Congress database (THOMAS), found the bill and read the language myself.

Your initial response to such a law may be a loud ‘Why?’ If so please keep reading — I can at least offer a very plausible explanation regarding ‘Why now?’

In the interest of accuracy, the bill’s title is ‘Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010’ — in other words, how to treat terrorists. Yet the supposed purpose of a law is one thing, while the actual language may be a different thing indeed.

In this case, the bill’s broad language is different from its purpose in the same way the Mississippi River is different from a spring-fed creek. For example:

‘An individual who is suspected…shall not, during interrogation…be informed of any rights…to counsel or to remain silent consistent with Miranda v. Arizona.’
‘An individual, including a citizen of the United States…may be detained without criminal charges and without trial…’
It even says that a citizen can be designated a suspect based on ‘[s]uch other matters as the President considers appropriate.’”

What do ya think, America? Are you ready for a true police state? Do ya think our government is going to use this potential law to catch terrorists OR HARASS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN (NON MUSLIM) CITIZEN FROM GOING ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS…like trying to farm (think Amish farmer who is under attack for having a dairy farm or Monsanto terrorizing farmers with their patents on life/seeds), or trying to run a business (think salary caps, IRS harassment, excessive taxation, NAFTA), or think CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ACTIVIST involved in peaceful activities like voting, tea parties. What do you think this law will do to us?

Just like Muslims are exempt from healthcare…just like Sharia law is allowed to exist in America (think Rifka Barry, think honor killings and female circumcision)…just like illegal immigrants cross our borders and reek havoc at will (think Texas and the financial costs of illegals on our local, state, and federal budgets)…just like healthcare is about redistribution of wealth, not health (think death panels, think children with existing conditions left uninsured, think penalties/imprisonment for noncompliance)…TERRORISTS ARE NOT THIS ADMINISTRATIONS TARGET. The target is us. YOU. ME. OUR ELDERLY. OUR CHILDREN.


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