What Losing Control LOOKS Like: Obama’s Slow and Steady Fall From Grace

Obama doesn’t want you to see it. He is losing control of HIS OWN BASE.

He lost control of the the California crowd during his Babs Boxer stump and was heckled by gay rights activists.“>Source
Fox News report here.

Now he finds himself fending off his “peeps” at the White House. So. What does he do. He shuts down the MEDIA.“> It was a useless attempt to stop media coverage of being attacked by his own kind. His lies are catching up to him. His base is deserting in droves. He is losing the gays…he is losing the anti-war movement…he is losing the Jews….

All he can do now is damage control. Shut out the media. Oh yeah…I forgot to mention…he is LOSING MSM too. Sucks for Obama.

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