Canada Free Press Updates on Lt. Col. Lakin, and Commander Fitz

Follow this link, ,Lt. Col. Lakin, and Commander Fitz: “Individuals Named Below Are Hereby Declared Domestic Enemies Of The United States Of America In Commission Of Treason:

[Adm.] Michael Mullins (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff),
[Adm.] Gary Roughhead (Chief of Naval Operations),
Robert M. Gates (Defense Secretary),
[Adm. Ret.] Dennis Blair (National Security Advisor),
Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives),
Joe Biden (purported U.S. Vice President),
Barack Hussein Obama (also known as Barry Soetoro, also known as Steve Soetoro), illegal alien, infiltrator, and impostor United States president.”

This is NEVER GOING AWAY folks…pressure is going to build until…KAPOW…BOOM… and I aint’ talking about Iran and their nukes either. Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ADMITS that our esteemed high court is “evading” this issue. Just last week the state of Arizona passed a new law that will require Obama to provide a legitimate birth certificate/proof of citizenship BEFORE he can get on the ballot in 2012.

It’s a real show in America friends. A real show.

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