Pounding the Pavement: My Letter to Neighbors Concerning the May 4 Primary

Greetings neighbor,

My name is Sandra XXXXXXXX and I live on XXXXXXX. My family budget has been destroyed by city, county, state, and federal taxes. I have an opportunity to improve this situation on May 4. This is the day of our district’s primary and is the subject of my correspondence with you. If you are experiencing similar budgetary issues, you too have an opportunity to potentially improve your and MY situation.

I have no affiliation with any political party. I am a registered independent. I do however have an affiliation with my paycheck and my independence from an over-reaching government. I want to earn, dispense at my moral discretion, and keep as much of MY money as possible without sacrificing the necessary public services that my taxes provide.

Change starts at home. As far as you and I are concerned, home is Kernersville, NC. Specifically, I could care less a candidates party affiliation, a candidates ability to use slick verbiage, or a candidates position of power or wealth in the community. My only concern is a candidates ability to be a good steward of our/my tax money at their disposal and their ability to be responsible to the citizens and the constitution from whom they derive their power.

As you can tell, I AM a fiscal conservative. I believe in the Constitution, both our federal and our North Carolina State Constitution. Our local elected officials must take an oath to both! I believe in America. I am a mom and a grandmother of three. I want my children and their children to INHERIT the best America has to offer, not debt or slavery to the political system of a nanny state, but the BEST of FREEDOM, self sufficiency, and independence as defined in our founding documents.

Our Constitution affords all Americans the RIGHT to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness without the interference of an overreaching government, whether local, state, or federal. I do not believe in the redistribution of your/my income in the pursuit of some utopian dream of legislated “fairness,” nor do I believe in being forced to hand over my hard earned money to other folks who have not put the effort into earning it. Excessive TAXES are the venue to redistribute your/my wealth!

There is not one person in this neighborhood that is one bit different from me. Whether you are retired or currently working…whether you are single or worried about your kids future…we are all the same. We are Americans who have been afforded a VOICE in our government by virtue of the United States Constitution! All of us are INVESTED in our families, our homes, our jobs, AND our country.

I might not be able to change what is happening in Washington DC other than vote every four years, but I am here to tell you that WE can change what is happening here in Kernersville and in Forsyth County, NC. I am begging for your consideration to use your power in local politics.

Please consider voting in our local primary. In two weeks (or less) we have the opportunity to vote for local citizens as they position themselves to run in the November elections. These elections WILL define our county, our state, and our country for years to come.

Even if you are registered independent, you CAN vote in the primary in two weeks. You must chose either the Republican ballot or the Democrat ballot and will have to vote on the same ballot in November. It is too late to change your affiliation for the May primary.

I am choosing the Republican ballot because I would like to see us elect a new sheriff and my man happens to be a Republican. Because I am a fiscal conservative, I like the plans that Dave Griffith has expressed both in the media and at various town meetings. He plans to start a Drug Interdiction Team (capture drugs/money that pass through our county). For example, Iredell County Sheriff’s Department earned $2,000,000 dollars in 2009 through their drug interdiction team. These captures will offset the budget needs of the department without burdening the tax payer. I also like his plans to ELIMINATE the Human Resources Department at the sheriffs office. This department duplicates services already provided on the county level and is a waste of the tax payers money. He is committed to eliminating some paid positions, one of which pays over $100,000 a year salary because this position can be filled by a volunteer. This particular position is NOT a paid position in the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and it makes no sense to pay for it on a county level. Finally, because of the financial cost Forsyth county absorbs in dealing with illegal immigrants (through crime, subsidized medical care, our schools, and loss of jobs), Dave Griffith intends to enroll Forsyth County in the Federal 287G program. This program will enhance Forsyth county’s ability to detain, investigate and deport illegals who drain the county and state government of huge amounts of money.

All of these costs should have been cut a long time ago. The incumbent has had two full terms to work on this. There is no evidence his third term will be any different.

Might I also add that our district will be voting on the School Board at Large and District 2 candidates. I have been told by candidate Jeannie Metcalf (I) that if the School Board loses even two conservatives, our neighborhood schools will be a thing of the past. If you have school age children, research these candidates carefully. The county has changed this race to NON-PARTISAN. This means that upon receipt of your ballot, no candidate will be identified as belonging to a specific party. You will have to know ON YOUR OWN who each person is. The Winston Salem Journal has an article here:


Each candidate was also issued a survey that included specific questions concerning their candidacy.
It can be found here:


Of all the candidates for School Board at Large, only the following are against raising taxes or burdening the tax payers with new school bonds. They are Jeannie Metcalf, Joyce McAdams, Donny C. Lambeth, and Lori Goins Clark. ALL the rest are in support of tax increases and/or school bonds. We are allowed to vote for three.

The only fiscally conservative candidates running for School Board District 2 are A.L Buddy Collins, Jane D. Goins, Marilyn A. Parker and Jill Tackabery. You will be allowed to vote for 4.

Court of Appeals Judges will also be on our ballot. Ann Marie Calabria is a conservative constitutionalist and promises no legislation from the bench. Her website is www.judgecalabria.com.

Another Court of Appeals race includes candidate Rick Elmore. He is not the only conservative running, but he has promised no legislating from the bench.

There are some great guys running for county commissioner on the Republican ballot. I particularly like Mark Baker and Fred Benson. I have seen Mark Baker at several town meetings and his constitutional fiscally conservative approach has struck a cord with me. He also gets along very well with my preferred candidate for sheriff. Don’t let his physical disability fool you. He is a power house.

Finally, our sample ballot includes the big boys i.e. the U.S. Senate race. Along with incumbent Richard Burr are Brad Jones and Larry Linney. I don’t know where you stand on the incumbent issue or whether you desire to send a message to career politicians in Washington. Wherever you stand, please check out bradjones4USSenate.com. This guy wants to clean house in Washington. There is too much info to put here but this guy might suit your tastes as a viable non-incumbent.

Because I am voting on the Republican ballot, I have not researched the Democrat ballot. I urge those who vote Democrat to carefully examine your candidates and consider their fiscal positions. Not only have we experienced an increase in federal taxes and withholding over the last year, Forsyth County has issued reappraisals that do not reflect the current economy OR the decrease in our actual property values. We can expect the State to further increase our tax burden. The Feds are in committee AS WE SPEAK considering a massive VAT tax on all goods and services. If you are one of the citizens who had to wait on your state tax refund, be aware that North Carolina is included in the top seven states CLOSEST to bankruptcy

Those of us in America who pay taxes have something 47% of Americans want. (Did you know that 47% of Americans do NOT pay taxes?) They want us to pay not only for ourselves but they want us to pay 100% of our nation’s roads, 100% of our nation’s military/security, 100% of our state and federal services, 100% of our retirement plus 100% of social security, 100% of our nation’s health care. They want us to work, hand over an ever increasing chunk of our hard earned money to some government agency…enough to cover not only our share but their share as well… AND THEY ARE GOING TO VOTE TO MAKE SURE THAT WE NOT ONLY PAY BUT PAY MORE!!!! Someone will have to fund the ever increasing needs of Americans dependent on the nanny state and that someone is US!

We have a choice. Don’t vote, don’t complain. Pay what they tell you to pay and LIKE IT… under penalty of your poverty, your children’s poverty, penalty under the law, and enforceable slavery to an overreaching government. OR VOTE. Vote to limit governments access to your wallet, limit governments redistribution of your wealth, limit governments overreach into your privacy.

I beg of you to demand that your candidates, WHETHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, be fiscally conservative. Make your vote count. Vote May 4.

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