The Green, Green Grass of Davis Field: PERFECT Home for A Tea Party!!!

Between 1000 and 1500 conservative folks gathered tonight at Wake Forest for an April 15 Tax Day Protest. Protesters ran the age gamut from children to seniors, Generation Y to Baby Boomers, all gathered to demand lower taxes, open honest government, Constitutional adherence to law, and the restoration of our rights to the independent pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. All conservatives were called upon to actively participate in the electoral process as May primaries and November elections approach.

Oddly enough, considering all the MSM hype on “the violent, racist, and rabid tea partiers,” the crowd was peaceful and law-abiding with nary an Obot in the crowd. At least none that would own up to it anyway!!! The only disruptions were a few horn blasts from passersby and a commotion of oohs and aahs when two puppies with red, white, and blue ribbons were carried through the crowd.

Media did not bother to show up as they did on Tax Day 2009 in downtown Winston. I guess they have decided to ignore us. This is good on several levels. How can this be good you say? Straight from The Rocky Mountain Foundations strategic counsel on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals comes the following, “Large organizations have learned to stonewall and not empower activists. In other words, they try to ignore radical activists and are never as committed to victory as their opposition is committed to defeating them. Result? They are unprepared for the hailstorm of brutal tactics that severely damage their reputation and send them running with their tail between their legs.”

Yeppers, tea partiers, I say we stick to Alinsky Rule #8 “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” And remember folks, because the media was NOT there, as I said before, there was nary an Obot in the crowd. Consequently, our cause will not be misconstrued or lied about in the newspapers or local TV. In fact, media missed a perfect opportunity to infiltrate the enemy camp. But again, we are turning Alinsky on his heels back at ’em by using Rule #1 “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” They are running scared. Both the Washington crowd, the Raleigh crowd, and their paid henchmen (MSM) and have no idea what to do with us. Let’s hope they ignore us all the way to November.

Back to the Tea Party, filling out the event were several candidates on “my” local ballot including Fred Benson, Bill Whiteheart, and Mark Baker, all competing for Forsyth County Commissioner as well as Sheriff Schatzmann and his Republican opponent David Griffith. Other district candidates were represented as well.

God bless America and God bless all the patriots who stood up for America tonight. Frankly, it is high time we got moving towards restoring America to her former FREE state as opposed to our current socialist direction. We cannot rest until we are successful…at ALL COSTS…in November.

This COULD be our last free election…if indeed it is possible to achieve a free election under the intolerable level of corruption at both state and federal levels. There is not a minute to be wasted.

A shout out to all the new folks we met tonight. Tea party people are the BEST!!!!Oh yeah, I almost forgot…Civitas’ Francis DeLuca spoke on fiscal abuse by our legislature/governor in NC. He mentioned that while NC had plenty of money to fly Gov. Perdue around the country in private jets, our state was too BROKE to send out a water dropping helicopter to put out a recent fire in our coastal region. My question was “Where was Mark Basnight when the fire started and will someone please take away his Bic lighter…honestly, the man is a firebug.”

Update: Oops…just found out…the burned property was not owned by him, nor did he make or COLLECT an insurance claim…not this time anyway…sorry…my bad…unless…unless…the legislature awards Basnight Construction the contract to rebuild the place…except he’s not PRESIDENT of the company anymore…gave that flashy title up to his cuz…you know, it looked bad…all that NC TAXPAYER money going STRAIGHT into his pocket and all…least he could do….

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