Religios Freedom Strip Searched in National Art Gallery

By Sandra Robles
Woman not allowed to wear pro-life pin in National Art Gallery | Christian Coalition of America: “This is a story that’s both hard to believe and not hard to believe at the same time.

It seems that this past Saturday, a woman who had participated in the March for Life in Washington was told by security guards that she had to remove her pro-life pin that she had on from the march before she entered the building. She was told that you can’t wear religious or political items in a federal building.

Via Lifenews:
…after searching her bag, two guards at the Gallery told her, ‘You’re good to go in, but first you need to remove that pro-life pin.””Click link above for entire article.

Yes folks, this is America.

You can wear a Burka anywhere in the US including on an airplane because Homeland Security is PC retarded…and this is America. You can sport an anti-freedom, violence promoting SEIU t-shirt in federal buildings across this land because…you are a thug with bad taste and this is America. You can carry clubs, dress in Black Panther attire and intimidate/threaten voters at voting precincts in American cities like Philidelphia because…Eric Holder is an idiot…and you can get away with it in America. Our own White House decorated the Federally funded “holiday” tree with ornaments honoring communist leaders because because this is America and who is surprised that ONCE AGAIN Obama has no idea how they got there and it is not his fault. But NEVER, no NEVER, are you to wear a pro-life pin in an Art Gallery/Federal building BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA!

At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Dread Scott Tyler, became the subject of controversy for his work, “What is the Proper Way to Display An American Flag?” He displayed an American flag on the floor in a way that encouraged viewers to stand on it. In 1989, the Federally funded National Endowment for the Arts funded “art” depicting “anti-Christian bigotry,” referring to the exhibition of Andres Serrano’s work, which included a photograph, Piss Christ, of a crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine. The controversy later expanded to include the work of other artists, including Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Sprinkle, and others.

But NEVER, no NEVER, are you to wear a pro-life pin in an Art Gallery/Federal building?

Hey, paint Martin Luther King floating comfortably in weewee…oh excuse me…did that offend OR IS IT JUST THE JESUS THING and a pro-life pin that offends.

The National Endowment for the Arts supports the right of grantee organizations to select, on artistic criteria, their artist-recipients and present their work, even though sometimes the work may be deemed controversial and offensive to some individuals.” The artist can offend anyone they want…but NEVER, no NEVER are you allowed to “offend” the artist by wearing a pro-life pin in an Art Gallery/Federal building.

America has been hijacked. Just try to wear a pro-life pin in a Federally funded art gallery in Washington, DC. You’ll see.

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