Local Races Are Gearing Up For The 2010 Massacre

NC Freedom » Randy’s Right Endorses Brian Bock for Chatham County NC Commissioner: “Here’s the start of the movement. We’ve all been fighting for change from the bottom up. I have found a conservative to run for office and we all need to support these candidates, no matter what political office they are running for. I live in the most liberal county in North Carolina (Chatham County) where conservatives have absolutely no representation. Brian has stepped up to plate. County Commissioners as we all know is where the real power is in our local govt.
Brian is running against a liberal moonbat who has a Phd in fungi growth, Commsioner Lucier. Lucier was part of the Commissioners that through a resolution passed behind closed doors without public input to declare our county a safe haven for illegal immagration and many other liberal progressive local legislation.
Brian’s campaign page will be out in a couple of days, but please sing up on his Facebook campaign site to show your support for these conservatives willing to run.”

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