Mall to Christians: God talk banned!

Mall to Christians: God talk banned!: “Arguments have moved to the appellate court level in a California case in which a man talking to two willing strangers in a shopping mall was arrested because the subject of the conversation was God.

The case developed several years ago when a youth pastor was arrested at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, Calif., for having a conversation about religion with two other people.

Matthew Snatchko, who works with youth at his church, was interrupted in the middle of a conversation by a security guard. A second guard joined the confrontation and told Snatchko he was being placed under citizen’s arrest for ‘trespassing.’”

Stringing and Strowing cannot wait for her next trip to the Mall. Looking forward to speaking with strangers about God! Catching a flight on Wednesday…Bible in hand. Would that make me a terrorist?

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