Great Insight on Redistricting From Virginia Foxx

Insights from Rep. Virginia Foxx of the 5th District
January 23rd, 2010
By Erika Sloan


• Federal non-military spending went up 13% for 2009 while military spending went up only 4%. In Rep. Foxx’s opinion if any spending was to go up during a recession year, it should be military spending.

• We are spending 1 Billion dollars per day in interest alone on the national debt.

• Congress voted to raise the debt limit by 300 billion back in December, they are seeking to again raise the limit by 1.9 trillion which would bring the total deficit to 14 trillion. If you divide that amount up by every taxpayer in the U.S., that is $127,000 dollars per taxpayer.

• There are 93 programs in the Department of Education, a recent report revealed 48 were not performing but no one will allow these programs to be cut. President Bush tried unsuccessfully all four years to cut some of these programs.

• Voting Rights Act was renewed for 45 years with no proof of any discrimination basically guaranteeing that a minority will be elected in certain districts no matter what the issues are in that district.

Rest of article at NC Freedom here

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