YET ANOTHER FREE RIDE FOR CONGRESS: Congressional Crooks Exempt Themselves from Health Care Tax

It just figures, don’t it! Vote themselves raises when everyone else is losing money and now this. These creeps are trying to vote YOU a health care TAX that THEY will not be required to pay. The audacity of their arrogance makes me sick to my stomach.
Is Congress Exempting Itself From Health Insurance Tax? | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.:

“The Senate bill’s health insurance excise tax is terrible public policy. Although the insurance companies would technically make the tax payment (a 40% levy on insurance plans worth more than $8,000 a year for individuals) they would undoubtedly pass this cost along to employers purchasing the plans for their workers in the form of higher premiums. Employers, in turn, would pass that cost on to their workers by lowering other forms of compensation like wages. Once the excise tax is passed on to workers, the result is no different than an increase in their income taxes. Faced with the possibility of paying substantially higher taxes, many workers would logically look for ways to avoid the tax. The first way they could avoid it would be by reducing the value of their health benefits below the threshold. If workers take less expensive health care coverage, they would want higher wages so as not to experience a reduction in total compensation. But this would not allow them to escape higher taxes completely, since higher wages would also be taxed.

Instead of facing this mess, Congress has reportedly chosen to exempt federal workers … which last time we checked included Members of Congress.”

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