North Carolina Party of Corruption: Are We Going To Let It Go AGAIN????

From ABC News, Ruffin Poole, a close aide to former Gov. Mike Easley, was indicted on corruption charges.

Poole is accused of 51 counts, including bribery, racketeering, money laundering and extortion during his years as Easley’s personal assistant and special counsel.

“This could be a scenario where you have the megastorm, where you have just a terrible economy, you have unrest and anger with the electorate and then you have (corruption) on top of it,” said Brad Crone, a longtime Democratic consultant in Raleigh. “It’s been a constant drumbeat … there will be a price to pay for it.”

A lot will depend on whether Easley is charged with crimes. Democratic legislative candidates statewide would have to respond against more than just the “little governor,” but the public face of the state party for eight years.

Easley wasn’t accused of wrongdoing in the indictment and his attorney said he wasn’t aware of Poole’s alleged conduct.

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