By Sandra Robles
CORRUPT CONGRESSMAN? | The Coming Attack – Warning of the Growing Marxist Threat:

Mel Watt, a Democrat from North Carolina, laid down the battle lines by eliminating measures meant to encourage transparency from the Federal Reserve. In a move that critics called dubious and dishonest, Watt destroyed a bill intended to bring more financial disclosure from the Federal Reserve.

The legislation had been intended to bring greater accountability to the Fed, by calling for an audit of its books in order to determine taxpayer dollars were being spent wisely. The move by Watt to destroy the bill surprised many congressional onlookers, who were left scratching their heads as to why any elected official would participate in an apparent coverup of the Fed’s financial status, with some calling it deceitful and corrupt.”

U.S. Representative Ron Paul, the creator and sponsor of the legislation, said Watt had ‘gutted’ the bill and decried the partisan motivations behind it. Many saw the move as a gift to the international finance industry, who allegedly had questionable transactions with the Fed and do not wish to make such matters public.

Others speculated that Watt relinquished to pressure of a more local nature. His district is home to the national headquarters of the Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the United States and big financial backers of current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

Representative Watt will clearly have to explain himself to his constituents on election day. Political observers cast the move as career suicide, noting that it is never wise to frame yourself as a supporter of taxpayer waste or fraud, which many have alleged is occurring in the Fed.

“He’ll have an uphill battle getting re-elected, even with the banks financing his campaign,” one political strategist noted. “Citizens generally don’t take too kindly to crooks, and that’s what Mel Watts is looking like with this questionable move.” End of article

After reading this article I did some research on Mr. Watt. He served in the NC Senate for one year in 1985. In 1992 he was elected to the US House of Representives in one of the most racially gerrymandered districts in North Carolina. The 12th district is an artificially contrived absurdity that snakes from Greensboro to Charlotte along I-85, gerrymandered to pick up a predominantly black voting base.

If money was spent in Washington, this guy voted for it. From 84 million in grants to black and hispanic colleges to being Obama’s lapdog and voting yes to 60 billion in stimulus funding. This guy is why America is bankrupt. He is all about aborting the unborn, harvesting their parts for stem cell research and spending tax dollars doing it. The NAACP rates him at 100% on Affirmative Action. He attends Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church so I suppose he claims to be a Christian.

The only way I know to get rid of this crooked Pharisee is to put him in jail. Certainly his “district” is so contrived as to guarantee the progressive “blue” of his seat not to mention it was intentionally gerrymandered to guarantee the “black” of it.

Mel Watt is a racist. Even as political observers cast his gutting of this bill as “political suicide”, Mr Watt automatically assumes that his constituents either are too stupid to understand what he does or too lazy to care. There is no other explanation for why he thinks he will get a pass for being a supporter of taxpayer waste or fraud, which many have alleged is occurring in the Fed.

There is no reason on earth why the 12th district should not hold him accountable for his part in the bankruptsy of not only his own district, but America as well. Either we put him in prison or the 12th district needs to wake up.

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