Lame Duck Alert!


“Another Democrat has seen the writing on the wall and decided to jump ship rather than face the electoral firing squad in November. This time, it is Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry, who openly admits that Election 2010 is going to be an outright “bloodbath” for Democrats.

As I noted earlier this month, prominent Democrats across the country are now beginning to drop out at every turn, well aware of what happens when liberals reveal their horrific agenda to the American people (see Election 1994). Berry makes the sixth Democrat in just two weeks to retire early.

This is all in addition to Vice President Biden’s son abandoning any hopes of running for what should have been an effortless succession to his father’s Delaware Senate seat.”

My first thought about this…Joe Biden’s son? running in Delaware…please Lord, let there NOT be another one….

Second thought: With all the denial coming out of Washington concerning voter anger over O’bummer’s agenda, it is interesting that the son of the VICE PRESIDENT, most probably in communications with his father often, anticipates a “blood bath” in November. Kinda takes the legitimacy out of all the progressive posturing coming out of the White House, the Congress, and the media, don’t ya think?.

Me thinks O’bummer is a’feared of his future considering this new evidence that the close-to-the-big-house progressive chillins’ have decided not to waste their time or money on a campaign inextricably tied to loser Obama.

They are all running for the hills. Unfortunately, there is no hiding from God. Too bad for them.

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