Riding the Brown Wave: Put your Congress Critter on Notice

By: Sandra Robles
Massachusetts is fed up and so am I.

On the national level, I am fed up with the special deals for select states. Fed up with the backroom deals that benefit only the unions. Fed up with the government take over of the private sector (auto, healthcare, banking, student loans). Fed up with the appointment of unelected czars forming a virtual shadow government based on liberal progressive Alinsky style socialism. Fed up with climate fraud, cap and trade fraud, flu pandemic fraud. Fed up with the greening of politicians pockets through rampant cronyism, criminal activity, bribery and blackmail, pandering, and special interest donations. Fed up with fake housing bubbles, fake government bailouts, fake experts like Tim Geitner and the fake out of the American people concerning the federal reserve and her international banksters. Fed up with political correctness. Fed up with leftist attacks on my Christian faith. Fed up with those intent upon legislating GOD out of America.

Massachusetts is just the beginning. Every single incumbent pay attention. I care not your party or personality. Vote for socialist healthcare, I vote you OUT. Vote for government takeover of student loans or private business, I vote you OUT. Vote to protect the federal reserve, I vote you OUT. Refuse to profile TERRORISTS, I vote you OUT. Create another crisis, I vote you OUT. Legislate behind closed doors, I vote you OUT. Vote on another bill without reading it, I vote you OUT. Spend anymore money creating debt for my children and grandchildren, I vote you OUT. Refuse my mother healthcare, I vote you OUT. Tax my mother’s cadillac healthcare plan, I vote you OUT. Stay on the agenda to redistribute MY wealth, I vote you OUT. Tax me anymore, I vote you OUT. Give special deals to unions or individual states, I vote you OUT. Bring back the Fairness doctrine, I vote you OUT. Mess with my internet, I vote you OUT. Vote yourself or ACCEPT anymore pay raises, I vote you out. Legislate any healthcare plan that does not require YOUR membership, I vote you OUT. Protect the lawbreakers like Dodd, Rangel, Geitner, Burris, etc, I vote you OUT. Call us a Muslim nation or bow to other countries, I vote you OUT. Keep dissing Christians, home schoolers, gun owners, tea partiers, birthers, or constitutionalists, I will vote you OUT. Keep stepping on our Constitution, Our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights, I will vote you OUT. Keep covering up the fraud of Obama’s identity and eligibility, I will vote you OUT.

This has become personal. I am watching. This is not just Massachusetts, All of AMERICA is watching. Good old Ted Kennedy is flipping in his grave right now. He’s not all that is gonna flip. Take heed Washington…note Virginia, New Jersey, MASSACHUSETTS…The sleeping giant is awake.
America is fed up.

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