Warning…I Can Hear the Hoofbeats!

While thinking about Jesus’ imminent return, the corrupt and sinful state of America came to mind.

When God pours out His wrath, He does not always do so directly. One of His most common ways is to simply back away from the nation or person and lower the hedge of protection around them. This is clearly spelled out in Romans 1:18-32. That passage says that when people rebel against God to the point that they begin to worship the creation rather than the Creator, God “gives them over” to the evil in their hearts.

In other words, He just steps back and lets evil multiply. The passage further states that if they still refuse to repent, He steps back again and “gives them over to degrading passions.” And if they persist in their rebellion and sin, He finally “gives them over to a depraved mind” at which point the society/person destroys itself.

Such destruction could be viewed as the wrath of Man, but it is really the wrath of God working through Man.

Yes, it seems America is under an outpouring of God’s wrath. Will America repent? Hmm…I think I’ll keep preparing for HIS return…while there is still time.

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