Marc Basnights Coup: He Went Fishing for Your Wallet and Caught a Big One!!!

I have written about the elected crook Marc Basnight before. He has represented the 1st district of NC since 1974. The NC citizens responsible for electing this crook reside mostly in the northeastern part of the state. This area is located on North Carolina’s Coastal plain and contains towns such as Beaufort, Nags Head, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, and New Bern. is reporting that, yet once again, ALL NC citizens have been led to their financial slaughter for the benefit of Marc Basnight’s personal income, the personal income of his cousin, and only the Lord knows who else. As a matter of fact, Basnight Construction was awarded a general construction bid less than 24 hours after legislative and executive approval was given for “Jeanette’s Pier” in April 2009. He not just a thief. He is an exceptionally fast thief. Let’s hope the new 25 million dollar pier-to-no-where is worth the debt the 1st district has saddled us with, not to mention the financial burden they put on our grandchildren.

Quoting the Civitas article:

Basnight Construction was awarded subcontracted work on part of the new $25 million Jennette’s Pier project currently under construction in Nags Head. The amount of money the construction company is being paid and the scope of work being performed are currently undisclosed.

President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight (D-Dare) was the leading advocate to push the multimillion dollar project through the General Assembly in 2009. Due to his efforts, House Bill 628, “Aquarium Satellite Areas Funding” was able to fly through the Legislature and receive unanimous approval from lawmakers. Later attempts to strip funding for the pier were blocked through procedural motions by House and Senate leadership.

President of Basnight Construction for the last two decades, the Senator’s history with the company began in 1973 when he founded it. According to the Senator’s most recently available Statement of Economic Interest filed with the State Ethics Commission on April 15, 2009 he lists having a financial interest in the company of greater than $10,000. Additional corporate filings with the NC Secretary of State’s office have listed him as the company’s treasurer, while his cousin, James Basnight, is registered as president. Senator Basnight has served as the company’s President as recently as 2007.

“The amount of money the construction company is being paid and the scope of work being performed are currently undisclosed.” Well, of course it is undisclosed! That would be letting the cat out of the bag now wouldn’t it!

“he lists having a financial interest in the company of greater than $10,000”.
Well, of course he does! Make his interest seem as small as possible. I mean, really, he is only the FOUNDER and PRESIDENT for the last 20 years…till he turned into a career democrat thief in Raleigh all compliments of the IGNORANCE of citizens in the 1st district.

By the way, y’all let me know what you think once the pier is up and running. I’m too broke to go. Seems like once I pay all the new taxes, fork out higher health insurance deductibles and premiums (also compliments of Mr. Basnight and his buddies in Raliegh on April 2009), increased federal withholding from my paycheck, and make up for all the tax deductions that Washington took away(as of 12/31/09 At 12:00 PM)…well, I’ll not get to visit the new pier. But y’all have fun ya’ hear!

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