Guess Where I am Going?

Hello Blog family…I AM SO EXCITED! I missed the big march on 9/12 (surgery) but get to go to Washington this weekend. Nothing like “going to town to spread a little hate and discontent” LOL!

Please include our group in your prayers as “travel mercy.” If I am not home and
blogging by next Friday, go underground and take your guns (and Bibles)with you. I’m taking my computer and my camera so maybe I can load some pics while traveling.

We are participating in the “Save the American Dream” convention put on by
“Americans for Prosperity.” Going to spend Friday at the White House screaming
in the wind, Friday night at a glitzy “Ronald Reagan Remembrance” dinner and
Saturday enjoying various and sundry conservatives/workshops.

We plan to enjoy a few historic attractions, visit some family, and take our time coming home.

My blog will suffer as I prepare for the trip and blaze a trail to the bowels of American corruption. Wish I could take everybody with me.

Don’t forget that bunch of elected idiots in Washington plan to force the nationalized healthcare down our throats next week. PROTEST with your voices and your letters! See ya next week… Sandra

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