Researching CFI

I was in the process of researching CFI (Center of Inquiry). Specifically, I was looking for US Government/tax payer funding of this atheistic anti-Christian, anti-family humanistic organization. Needless to say, there were few links on Google between our government and this group.

I did find the following letter (of which I have pasted a portion) on the website. (

There is no doubt in my mind that tax payer money is funding this group. Finding the link is the hard part. Partial letter below.

Dear Elected Official:

The undersigned education, training, disability, public health, human services, medical research, child welfare organizations and labor unions representing the full range of stakeholders in the programs of the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Labor urge you to ensure that the final FY 2009 302b allocations for the House and Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Subcommittees reflects at least a $15 billion increase above the FY 2008 level for these critically important programs. This amount would: (1) restore cuts of core program funding over the last four years, (2) more appropriately account for four
years of inflation and population growth to maintain service levels and purchasing power; and(3) return these programs to the FY 2005 level, a high water mark for many.

This letter was signed by “the full range of stakeholders”…which suggested the signatures represented organizations receiving funds from “dear elected official.”

Tucked sweetly between signatures from The Center for Community Health Development and Center for Science in the Public Interest was…you guessed it…Center for Inquiry. To see entire letter and all signatures cut and paste previously mentioned link.

Every other link I found of interest had been scrubbed.

Always looking for information. Email me if you can help.

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