Center for Inquiry and Their Attack on Christianity and Family

About | Center for Inquiry:
Advocacy – The Center for Inquiry advocates for science, reason, freedom of inquiry and humanist values through the following specialized policy and political programs:

The Office of Public Policy of the Center for Inquiry

The Office of Public Policy (OPP) works on three levels:

•At the grassroots level, the OPP works with CFI Centers and Communities on policy within the state and at the state level on federal issues. The OPP trains Friends of the Center to influence state and local level legislation, take part in political campaigns, and run for office.
•At the federal level, the OPP lobbies the U.S. Congress and the Administration in three areas: science and reason; secularism, and humanist ethics. The OPP also cooperates with powerful coalitions to influence legislators through individual and group communications.
•At the international level, the OPP supports the work of CFI at the United Nations by lobbying Congress and the State Department on UN-related issues.

In February, the Center for Inquiry produced a position paper that called for an end to government funding of faith-based programs. Because government funding is scheduled to continue, the Center for Inquiry further recommended the adoption and vigorous enforcement of specific minimum safeguards to protect church-state separation and religious liberty.CFI’s position paper recommends that government funding of faith-based programs be eliminated entirely,

Stringing and Strowing asks: Is this another ACORN or NEA that is illegally using taxpayer funding to promote radicalism with improper campaign donations?
Thought the similarity in branding between CFI and Obama was interesting.

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