ACORN defines Obama

ACORN DEFINE A OBAMA – Cubanos en Miami – Univision Foro / Forum: “ACORN defines Obama
Exclusive: Joseph Farah urges Americans to demand president renounce organization

Posted: September 22, 2009
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Maybe you think the undercover, covertly produced ACORN videos spell the end of this criminal enterprise.

Think again.

I recognize actions have been taken in the House and Senate to restrict federal funding to the organization that made a name for itself through voter fraud and bankrupting the housing market as a result of the videos.

But the bills approved in the House and Senate are very different. There is no guarantee what is produced in a reconciliation process will have the intended effect. And we can never forget the Democratic Party sent these goons out to prey on Americans for a reason – to intimidate, to harass, to create crisis and chaos. ACORN has done its work well.

As things stand now, ACORN will be back. It will not just fade away quietly. There’s too much money at stake. There’s too much power at stake.
So here’s my idea.

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It’s clear that Barack Obama is tied inextricably to ACORN. It is his birthplace more assuredly than is Honolulu, Hawaii. ACORN incubated Obama’s political career. He is a creation of ACORN more than any other organization.

While Obama has issued half-hearted criticism of ACORN based on what the American people have learned about its corruption in the last two weeks, he has failed to call for dismantling it. He has failed to call for defunding it. He has failed to call for prosecution of the crimes we all witnessed.

Therefore, what I suggest is that we all call on Obama to renounce ACORN and take those steps. If he fails, his muted and limited criticism of ACORN will be revealed for what it is – a political effort to deflect attention from his own deep ties to the organization. In the unlikely event he yields, ACORN will be finished once and for all.

It has been amazing to me how many stories have been done on ACORN recently that don’t even link the organization to Obama. Obama was an attorney for ACORN. Obama was a community organizer for ACORN. Obama was a trainer of ACORN leadership. Obama arguably won the presidency because of the seeds he planted in the creation and development of ACORN.

Now that ACORN has been exposed as a patently immoral, criminal enterprise, it’s time to demand Obama take action against it.

If he doesn’t do it, which he probably won’t, Obama’s chances for re-election in 2012will be hurt severely. For anyone running against him in 2012 – Democrat or Republican – ACORN will provide a massive, unforgettable and easy target.
So it’s time for everyone to demand that Obama take a strong stand against ACORN.

Demand that the White House order all federal funding cut off immediately.

Demand that he personally renounce his previous work with the organization.

Demand that Obama order his Justice Department and FBI to investigate ACORN and prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law.

He won’t do it. And failing to do it, he will have exposed himself as the fraud he is. ACORN defines Obama.

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