Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated – Robert_A_Hahn’s blog – RedState

Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated – Robert_A_Hahn’s blog – RedState:

“Today brings news that the government is investigating a major insurance company. What’d they do this time? Rescind the coverage from an old lady while she was falling down the stairs? Collude with a competitor to fix prices?

No, according to the Associated Press, the government is investigating Humana for sending out a mailer that could be construed as opposing Democratic Party policy.

You probably didn’t know that it was a crime to oppose the Democratic Party’s policy positions. Well, if truth be told it isn’t. But now that we have thugs running the government, you can be investigated anyway.”

Stringing and Strowing says: This stupidity has been brought on by Baucas in his attempt to get 15 minutes of fame and fortune on his health care bill. He is threatening Humana Insurance for sending out mailings informing their seniors of potential loss of benefits in the health care bill and it does not fit in his plan. Therefore, he illegally censors them. I say we ALL send out letters and copies of Humana’s letter to everyone we know INCLUDING BAUCAS. I will look for their letter and post if I can find. What a bunch of jerks.

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