If Logic is Your Game, You Will Love This Story!

A surefire way to debunk atheism?:

Darwin over-ruled (except in Obama’s case LOL)

“‘I found over the last year, when I said an atheist is someone who believes nothing created everything, they go berserk and say, ‘We don’t believe that,” said Comfort, co-host of ‘The Way of the Master’ television show with actor Kirk Cameron and the head of Bellflower, Calif.-based Living Waters ministry.

But Comfort insists atheists clearly believe nothing created everything.”

“All you have to do,” Comfort told WND, “is push them into a corner and say, ‘So, you’re an atheist?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘So you believe that nothing created everything, a scientific impossibility?’ And they’ll say, ‘Well, no.’ ‘So you believe something created everything?’ And they say, ‘Well, yeah. Something did, obviously.’ ‘So you’re not an atheist?’ ‘OK, I’m not an atheist.’

“‘This something you believe created everything,” Comfort continued, “do you think it was intelligent? I mean, could you create a bird or a flower or a tree or a blade of grass from nothing?’ And they’ll say, ‘No, I can’t do that.’ ‘Well, is this something you believe created everything intelligent?’ And they’ll say, ‘Obviously.’ And I’ll say, ‘Congratulations, you’ve just become an anti-science, knuckle-dragger in the eyes of our learning institutions, because you believe in intelligent design.’”

Comfort said “time is the god of evolutionists,” who believe that with enough time anything can happen.

“Time performs miracles. Time is the creator,” he said.

“You can say to them, ‘OK, there’s nothing in your garage, could you believe in 10,000 years a Mercedes would evolve out of nothing? You’d say, No, that’s ridiculous.’ ‘So, what about 100,000 years?’ ‘No, that’s stupid.’ But if you start talking billions of years, they’ll suddenly go glaze-eyed and, ‘Yeah, I could believe that, a Mercedes could evolve out of nothing over billions of year.’ So time is their miracle worker.”

Stringing and Strowing says: I just love this logical argument against atheism/darwinism. Just wanted to pass it along. The title of his latest book is “Nothing Created Everything.”

This fall, Comfort plans to take his message to top college campuses across the nation. What an awesome mission field!

He’s teaming with Kirk Cameron and several other evangelical groups in November to give away on 100 campuses a total of 100,000 copies of a special edition of Darwin’s “Origin of Species,” timed to coincide with the book’s 150th anniversary.

Comfort points out the new release of Darwin’s seminal book, which is in the public domain, has a 50-page introduction that includes an overview of Darwin’s life and presents a case for a universe created by God through arguments such as the structure of DNA and the absence of species-to-species transitional forms.

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