Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit:

“Madeleine Albright, a democratic expert on foreign policy, let her hair down during a recent speech to Russian students in Omsk. The former Secretary of State told her audience that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.

Pravda reported the news that the US media ignored:

Madeleine Albright said during the meeting that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.

Ms. Albright started her speech in Russian. “Hello and thank you! It’s a pleasure for me to be here,” she said in Russian. Albright wrote in her autobiography that she was trying to learn some Russian during the 1960s.

The former US Secretary of State surprised the audience with her speech. She particularly said that democracy was not the perfect system. “It can be contradictory, corrupt and may have security problems,” Albright said.

America has been having hard times recently, Albright said.

“We have been talking about our exceptionalism during the recent eight years. Now, an average American wants to stay at home – they do not need any overseas adventures. We do not need new enemies,” Albright said adding that Beijing, London and Delhi became a serious competition for Washington and New York.”

Stringing and Strowing says: The woman should be charged with treason. She is clearly a liberal mouthpiece of a treasonous Obama administration and 111th Congress based on the following facts:

1. Apologizing for America, blaring that there is nothing exceptional about America,
2. Destruction of the intelligence community,
3. Defunding of the military,
4. Admitting America is “broke” yet relentless pursuit of policies that will bankrupt America ten times over,
5. Destruction of the Constitution.

Albright, the President of the United States, his advisors, friends and mentors have spent decades attacking Americans and hating America. They claim America is a racist and mean country filled with rednecks who hate those who aren’t like them and who cling to God and guns. They align themselves with America’s totalitarian and Marxist enemies while essentially enacting and praising every tenant of Marxist philosophy. This is the opposite of America. We are certainly justified in speaking of them as those who hate America and who are indeed committing treason.

Finally, Ms. Albright is clearly out of touch with the average American. Seeing that almost 2 million Americans chose to march on Washington protesting the Marxist
leanings of the current administration, it is clear that her opinion is way off base. The average American is finally taking action…leaving home…as opposed to sleeping through the destruction of their beloved country. We have recognized the enemy…and they are within. We make no bones about taking on new enemies.

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