Dick Cheney in the Cat Bird Seat?

The Right Side of Life » Barnett v. Obama: 2008 Joint Congressional Session Could be Discovery Loophole:

This post concerns the many current legal battles and the fight to expose Obama as ineligible for POTUS. The movement suffered a setback this week when Orly Taitz was reprimanded by the GA district court which then dismissed the Capt. Rhodes challenge to Obama. Not to be silenced, over threat of sanction, Orly has appealed.

In CA, Judge Carter has granted Taitz expedited discovery. The DOJ is challenging the jurisdiction of the courts in the matter of POTUS eligibility.

In the fray, certain questions have arisen concerning to whom goes the responsibility of vetting the eligibility of candidates. So far most point fingers with no particular forum accepting responsibility.

I found the following information interesting concerning the actual procedure during the 2008 election conclusion. Does this leave Dick Cheney in the cat seat? You decide. Entire article through link and well worth the read.

“179. Cheney then asked the tellers to count the total votes and provide the totals to him as the President of the Senate.

180. He then announced the vote totals for each candidate for each office, declared Obama and Biden the winners, and dissolved the Joint Session.

181. At no time did he call for objections after the vote tally was reported for each state or at the end of the total vote for either office. http://countryfirst.bravehost.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1843&p=7069&hilit=B urris#p7265.

182. Pursuant to Title 3 of the U.S. Code, Cheney was required to openly call for objections to each state’s vote after each individual state’s vote is read. Cheney failed to satisfy this minimum procedural requirement. ENDNOTE 33.

183. So not only did the Joint Session of Congress fail to vet and investigate Obama’s qualifications to be President under the unique circumstances existing in the public arena and given the petition of the plaintiffs and thousands of other people, but Cheney violated 3 U.S.C. Sec. 15 by not openly calling for objections after each state’s votes were announced.”

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