Obama’s Numerous Links with International Marxism Exposed: Click Link Below for Interview

Obama’s Numerous Links with International Marxism Exposed «: "Mr. Trevor Loudon

Sept. 14, 2009) — “Revelations that Obama was not just chummy with Marxists and Socialists throughout his life, but even may have been recruited by the KGB, first surfaced with Tom Fife, the physicist’s testimony (see www.rense.com for audio file).

More recently, a New Zealand researcher has obtained documents which connect the dots, and seemingly confirm the Fife testimony.

To get a better understanding of the Communists network in America, I requested an interview with Trevor Loudon, of New Zealand Research Assosciates, who has spent much of his life investigating international marxism and its operatives. Such is Loudon’s authority, that Media Matters recently named him the “Blogger who nailed Van Jones.”

What follows is a highly informative interview with Mr. Loudon, which is a must read for all thoughtful American citizens in the present national crisis.

The Post & Email interviewed Mr. Loudon by email, at his residence in Christchurch, New Zealand.”

Interview through link at top of article. All Americans need to read this.

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