Charlie Rangels Sins

1) failure to report over $1 million in outside income and $3 million in business transactions as required by the House,

2) failure to disclose at least $650,000 in assets he had previously failed to list on his House financial disclosure forms,

3) failure to disclose to the IRS or on his financial disclosure forms $75,000 in rental income for a beach villa in the Dominican Republic,

4) violation of state laws by claiming three primary residences and broke municipal laws by maintaining four rent-controlled apartments,

5) violation of House rules by using congressional letterhead to solicit donations for an education center bearing his name at City College of New York, and

6) delinquency in paying his property taxes on two New Jersey parcels and failure to report the sale of a $1.3 million brownstone.

Charles Rangel is Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. This committee has jurisdiction over U.S. revenues and writes legislation concerning taxes, bonded debt, national social security programs, and tariffs.

Charlie Rangel epitomizes the fox guarding the hen house. Write Nancy Pelosi and demand his removal.

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