Obama vows to press G20 on New World Order Regulation and Powers

Obama vows to press G20 on regulation: “US President Barack Obama(L), seen here in New York, on Monday vowed to pre…

US President Barack Obama on Monday vowed to press G20 powers at next week’s summit in Pittsburgh for aggressive action on new financial regulatory systems.

‘We need to close the gaps that exist not just within this country, but among countries,’ Obama said at the historic Federal Hall in Manhattan, just blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange.

‘As the United States is aggressively reforming our regulatory system, we’re going to be working to ensure that the rest of the world does the same.’”

Stringing and Strowing says:

Obama vowes his continued promotion of the New World Order and I vow my continued promotion of his impeachment based on treason. We need to put this fat rat behind bars!

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