Flop Sweat At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Flop Sweat At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.:

“I know flop sweat when I see it, and Obama and his fellow travelers in the White House, Congress, and the media are in full flop sweat mode. On the outside they are attempting to show that they are in complete control of their government/CARE campaign, but among themselves they are splintering in panic.

The first sign of panic is the urge to run away, and run away is what BHO did. He ran to Minnesota, the land of 10,000 loons to get his needed fix of adoration.

BHO, clearly a “Tea Party Denier” , had a full measure of reality served to him on September 12, 2009, when up to 2,000.000 annoyed every-day Americans came for a visit him in Washington,DC. In panic mode he chose not to greet them as their very own President but fled to MN to meet with his select subjects who show him proper reverence.

The people in MN did not see a typical speech from a great American president, such as Reagan of even FDR, who embraced all Americans equally. No, what they witnessed was a tirade, a long angry speech, filled with criticism or denunciation. BHO’s face was distorted in anger as he described the 52% of his fellow Americans as opposers who could not see his clear vision of Obama/RX. This can only be seen as an additional symptom of flop sweat.

The MN speech was not a single incidence of his panic; he exhibited the same behavior in his speech to the joint session of congress. Here again we did not see an evenhanded president addressing all Americans as a uniter, but an angry Obama finding fault with individual Americans, such as Sarah Palin, who did not agree with his flawed idea of government/CARE.

BHO and company may be in complete Tea Party Denial mode but we will not be denied and that is great cause for BHO Flop Sweat.

Tea Party on!!!!!!!”

Stringing and Strowing says: From the Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old Testament by John F. Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck, the writers are explaing the 10th Psalm Vs. 16-18:

Here as well as in Psalm 9 the psalmist declared that the Lord is sovereign (cf. 9:7) and that those in the nations (cf. 9:5, 15, 17, 19-20) who oppose Him will perish (cf.9:3 ,5,15). The psalmist was sure that the Lord hears the cry of the afflicted and defends their cause, so that the wicked – who are mere mortals (‘wnos; cf. 9:20 and comments on 8:4) – will not terrify them anymore.

Faith that God defends the afflicted and the needy against the tyranny of the wicked was a comfort to the psalmist and the basis for his prayer.

This should serve as comfort for all of us. One cannot help but notice who was afraid on 9/12. Certainly the citizenry approached their “king” without fear. It was Obama who ran…all the way to MN…To seek adoration, from a few…when many approached him, without fear, armed with truth and the constitution. Revelation of God’s mighty power…2009 style. Thank you God.

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