Tennessee Grand Jury Joins DOJ in Obstructing Justice

Tennessee Grand Jury Joins DOJ in Obstructing Justice:

“By JB Williams Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The US Constitution and the entire American way of life hang in the balance. Yet it is clear that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is engaged in running interference for someone very likely to be an unconstitutional fraud, busily dismantling our sovereign nation while his high-dollar Ivy League lawyers play politics with the justice system.

For months now, numerous efforts to smoke Barack Hussein Obama out into the open where he can become the “transparent” president he promised to be, have been thwarted by Obama’s Department of Justice. The American people have been categorically denied access to the courts or any other peaceful means of redress and the clock is ticking on this time bomb.

Rather than confronting the facts presented in countless cases, the sum of which raise more than a reasonable doubt regarding Obama’s Article II constitutional eligibility for the Oval Office, the DOJ, in concert with Obama legal defense attorneys who might be paid by the very taxpayers raising the claims, have used technicality defenses to keep evidence against Obama out of court.”
Stringing and Strowing says: I am so tired…it is after midnight but news is breaking all over. This article, also from the Canada Free Press is describing the lawsuit against Obama by Colonel Fitspatrick. The Col. has accused Obama of TREASON and fought his way through a grand jury this week. All right here at 9/11! It has to be God moving things about! Anyway, use the link for the entire MUST read article. I just don’t know what to say. Things are going crazy. Something has to give.

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