Breaking NEWS Thursday Midnight

Judge Carter in CA trial on Obama eligibility has granted Expedited Discovery – immediately- in the case as of TODAY. Orly is on her way NOW to GA for the emergency hearing of Capt. Connie Rhodes. She has filed suit asking Obama to prove his eligibility to be commander in chief. Same situation as that of Major Cook several months ago in GA. She is set to be deployed in a couple of days and was granted an emergency hearing. Judge Land will allow her to present before the court in GA at the Federal Building in Columbus, GA at 2:00 pm tomorrow (Friday, 9/11/09).

She would like as many military supporters to be there as possible. If you have any contacts there, please advise them.
Stringing and Strowing Says: Last post I said the house of cards was trembling. I swear something seems poised to hit the fan…we all need to pray for justice. Wow.
No article yet about this but check tomorrow. They will have something up for sure. Man alive, this is CRAZY!!!

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