The Audacity of Satan: Demanding that Rebellious Sin Be Removed From the Bible

'Gay' man sues Bible publisher for 'mental anguish':

“A homosexual man is suing a third national Bible publisher for ‘mental anguish’ after he says the company published Bibles with a negative connotation toward homosexuals.

Bradley LaShawn Fowler of Canton, Mich., alleges Tyndale House Publishers manipulated Scripture when it published Tyndale’s New Living Translation Holy Bible and the New Life Application Study Bible by using the term ‘homosexuals’ in a New Testament passage, 1 Corinthians 6:9.

‘One Bible dictates homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God, while the other is completely void on the issue altogether,’ Fowler wrote in a statement on his blog.”

Stringing and Strowing says:

For some reason I am never totally prepared for articles like this. I swear, if these bozo’s could find God’s person, they would serve him with a subpoena. Unbelieveable the deadly audacity of these people. For those who do not know. Salvation is from grace…by virtue of our Lord Jesus, taking our sin upon himself, and sacrificing his life on the cross. He defeated death by rising from the grave (where he buried death and our sins) and by GRACE cleansed us. Our Holy God cannot look upon sin and because of Jesus and only through Jesus, are we made acceptable to our Heavenly Father.

We are all guilty of sin, be it sexual (as in this young man’s case) or verbal or through action or lack thereof. When we truly CONFESS our sin, we realize we must TURN AWAY from our sin. Those who sin openly and rebelliously, thinking our “salvation by grace” is a “get out of Hell” free card…are dangerously confused and possibly eternally damned. We must pray for all the lost, beseeching the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts thereby saving them from themselves, Satan, and Hell.

PS. This is exactly how the Bible will eventually be outlawed. There is no doubt about this. The Bible EXPOSES sin by REVEALING the TRUTH. The kind and level of corruption and evil we are facing in America cannot survive when juxtaposed against the Bible. The Bible is the enemy of Satan. The Bible is the enemy of all who participate in and capitalize on evil. Keep your Bible closely held and protected. Own more than one. Commit verses and Biblical stories to memory. It is precious.

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