Self Judgement: When One’s Words Don’t Jive With One’s Actions

Investigating Obama: What is Obama Up To? (Why, this speech to the schoolchildren?):

From Investigating Obama blogspot, James Simpson gets to the heart of Obama’s purpose in his speech to America’s school children. Not only does he truthfully review the speech, he juxtaposes Obama’s advice to our children upon Obama himself. Judges him by his own words so to speak. Finally his article provides priceless links to pre-election Obama history, linking him to mentor Khalid al Mansoor, criminal Tony Resko, and other questionable activities. Excellent article. Excerpt below.

“Millenials (people born between 1982 and 2003) are Obama’s future. Young techies built his internet campaign into what it is today: the largest online radical community organization in the world. He needs these people now and will need them more in the future.

Obama is losing ground with older Americans. We are onto him and are getting sick of his silk-tongued slop. Tea party rallies, town hall protests, and plummeting poll numbers have proven this beyond doubt.

So now he’s turning the charm campaign on our innocent, trusting and unsuspecting children.

If he can seduce enough of them, he doesn’t have to care what we older Americans think. All we do is get in the way. With the help of his youthful army he can sweep us into the dustbin of history. And the only way to recruit them is to be cool, while keeping us off balance long enough to solidify his power. And then, Zimbabwe, look out! You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!
And that is what he is up to.

So, in the interest of maintaining this new theme of personal responsibility, I will ask President Obama some pointed questions that perhaps he may finally be inclined to lead by example, and answer – questions he has been dodging since he first announced his intention to run for office.”

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