Repubx | Outspoken Lyndon LaRouche “Obama is a failure and a liar”

Repubx | Outspoken Lyndon LaRouche "Obama is a failure and a liar": “September 10, 2009 (LPAC)–

After President Barack Obama’s address Wednesday evening to the joint session of the U.S. Congress, in which Obama stated that if you misrepresent what’s in my plan, we will call you out, Lyndon LaRouche personally called out the President. LaRouche said: ‘The President is a liar. He has to to stop lying about health care.’

In response to the President’s claim that the health care problem is the deficit problem, LaRouche said: ‘Our problem is Obama’s mental deficit problem. His mental deficiency is our health care problem. I can re-educate Obama, but I hope it doesn’t require some misadvised people resorting to torture. I don’t believe in torturing our President.’

In response to Obama’s claim that his plan does not call for a panel of bureaucrats to kill off senior citizens, followed by his call for an independent commission whose cost-cutting will, in fact, kill off senior citizens among others, LaRouche said: ‘Obama is lying. He does intend to kill our citizens, whether he knows it or not. He lied before Congress. He may not know it, but that is what he is proposing. It is time to tell the ugly truth. The President is a liar. He doesn’t really know what he is saying. He does not say it with malice, because he’s stupid. Don’t blame him for his lies. He’s stupid. He doesn’t know what he is doing.”

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