Did You Say “Despite What the Bible Says?” – GOD IN GOVERNMENT SERIES

By Sandra Robles
September 10, 2009

Did You Say “Despite What the Bible Says?”

Press Release:

From the press release on William Tyndale Publishing, Inc. lawsuit:

“For centuries, great debates have escalated about homosexuality and the Churches view of those who partake of such life style and practices. And while many have argued that those who do practice such a way of life are doomed for hell, others have learned to embrace homosexuals despite what the Bible teaches. In fact, today, same-sex couples are granted the same right to marriage as heterosexuals in such states as Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and Iowa. Still, the issue of same-sex marriage does not attain the same level of acceptance from all American citizens, particularly those who are religious followers. And consequently, such conclusions are derived solely based on biblical revisions, because many Americans view same-sex marriage as an abomination and against the Word of God.”

Stringing and Strowing says: This lawsuit is about modern translations of the Bible and clearly shows the danger of “fiddling” with God’s Holy Word. However, the King James Bible is clear on the subject of sexual sin such as homosexuality. It is unacceptable to God.

The liberal judges are appearing to side with the plaintiff. Of course they are.

This particular clip is particularly explosive to the contemporary Christian. Satan’s agenda is to explain this particular evil as “good, not their fault, heriditary, natural, acceptable or even marriage.” Once he achieves this coup de tat, he will move on to another basic tenet of the Holy Word.

Anytime you see or hear the words “despite what the Bible teaches” as in the above statement “others have learned to embrace homosexuals despite what the Bible teaches”, RUN! This is heresy. Pure and simple. RUN!

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