Will the Last One Out Please Turn Off the Lights

2009 Session Legislative Recap Series: Health and Human Services | John W. Pope Civitas Institute:

“What the 2009 Legislature Didn’t Do:

Lower the Cost of Health Insurance:
Proposed legislation (SB 725) would have allowed for the purchase of health insurance across state lines. This bill, which would have increased competition and thereby driven down the cost of health insurance premiums, was stopped in committee without a hearing.

Enact Medical Malpractice Reform:
There was no attempt made by the General Assembly to enact malpractice reform – even though such legislation has proven to greatly ease health care costs in half the nation’s states.

Lower Costs by Providing More Health Insurance Options:
There was no proposed legislation that would have allowed Medicaid recipients to use their Medicaid receipts to purchase private health insurance, or to give people the option to have greater control over their own policies in a more consumer driven market.”

Stringing and Strowing says:

While we conservative citizens of North Carolina freak out over the Nationalized Health Care being forced down our throats by Washington, our own Legislature has avoided any moves to protect us from the federalies. They have thrown us to the dogs and we are left fighting Acorn/SEIU on our city streets with paper signs. What a disgrace to our state leadership!

First of all, health care is a fight that the State needs to referee, not Washington. Second of all, our local elected officials need to get over themselves and get down to the hard issues in NC. It doesn’t take leadership to give away tax payers hard earned money to pork projects. It will take leadership to fight the hard fight of healthcare.

We cannot put all the blame on Washington. North Carolina has a responsibility to her citizens to seek conservative reform in Health Care for her citizens.

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