Watch Out For Those Mad Cows…They Might Sue You if Cass Has His Way >> Editorial: Farmers and Cattlemen Need to Stand Against Sunstein:
“Only the U.S. Senate can stop Sunstein. But they will only do so if the nation’s farmers and cattle ranchers stand against in. In short, a vote for Sunstein is a vote against agriculture, which could be drowned in years if not decades of litigation if Sunstein has his way.

Sunstein is a menace who even opposes animal testing, which as Wilson noted, “is a critical practice to testing the safety—for humans—of everything from drugs to make up to space exploration has saved countless millions of human lives.” And yet Sunstein would end it altogether.

The American people have a right to choose what to eat, whether it be meat or produce. But if Sunstein’s extremist views find their way into federal regulations, that right could disappear in the blink of a bureaucrat’s eye. Barack Obama’s radical appointment is greatly alarming. It is up to the Senate to stand in the way, and for farmers and cattlemen nationwide to raise the outcry against him.”

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