Repubx | Why wait 5 months to hear eligibility trial?

Repubx | Why wait 5 months to hear eligibility trial?:

“Five months to start the eligibility trial seems absolutely rediculous given the severity of the situation. The Plantiffs already had to wait 60 days for the Defendents to respond. It would put the total at 7 months and likely much longer as the trial could last several months.

Why not set the trial for two months? Does Judge Carter have that many trials in between time, in that this is the soonest this trial can be scheduled?

Why is the Department of Justice acting on behalf of Obama, though the case was initially filed before he became President?
Knowing what i know and have seen thus far, it is distrubing to see that there appears no effort to get this moving.

It is disturbing because, from what i have researched, America’s sovereignty will be effectively erased by January 01, 2010 in becoming the North American Union (NAU). The Bilderberg Group set this goal for the US some time ago, and things are moving in that direction quickly.

If the date of the trial is set for January 26, and before then we’ve had at least one pandemic, martial law, and another economic blowout setting the stage for the NAU by 2010, then what’s left in terms of eligibility?

If the US does become part of the NAU, then the entire legal system and election structure would surely change.”

Did you know that Obama today *sealed* the relationship between the Communist UN and the US? Did you know that, for the first time in America’s history, a US President has now become a member of the UN Panel? Obama is the first (alleged) President to become a member of the UN Panel.

It goes right in stride with world order objectives in making the UN the world government and Obama President of the world. It may seem far-fetched at this point, but everything has come true in terms of the world order objectives thus far, including making America into a Socialist/Marxist nation before becoming part of the NAU. In fact, a former FBI senior agent said 90% of the objectives for the demise of the US as we know it is now 90% complete.

Was Orly set up as to passify the masses and slowly acclimate the public to the fact that Obama is not a natural-born citizen (because, it won’t matter when the US is part of the NAU)?

Also, there is distrubing information about Judge Carter in being one of the most corrupt Judges working for the Government. I found it last night, and don’t remember the case, but the Plantiffs’ claim that Carter blatently lied to protect the Justice Department. The case was against the Justice Department in 2008. It is just one case, but was against the Justice Department and seems to be some “foul play” according to the written summary of the case and the decision reached.

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