Key NC Legislation of 2009 Session

2009 Session Legislative Recap Series: Education | John W. Pope Civitas Institute:

“House Bill 88/S.L.2009-213. Introduced by Rep. Bob England (D-Rutherford) et al. Labeled the “Healthy Youth Act,” this bill supplants North Carolina’s policy of teaching abstinence until marriage. The legislation creates a comprehensive sex ed curriculum that charges local administrative units to teach seventh graders about reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases — including HIV/AIDS, contraception and other comprehensive sex education topics. The law changes the emphasis of the state’s policy from abstinence until marriage to a policy that discourages moral judgment about sexual activity or sexual activity outside of wedlock.”

Stringing and Strowing says;

Obviously this bill goes against all moral teachings of the Holy Bible and the Christian constituency of North Carolina. The following District 5 representatives voted to pass…agreed with…went on record as supporters of this state mandated immorality bill:

Larry W. Womble, 1294 Salem Lake Road, Winston Salem, NC, 27101, 336-784-9373, Forsyth,

This individual claims to be a Baptist. He is a trustee at Bethlehem Baptist Church per He is a member of over 15 different “groups” from the NAACP to the YMCA. By his anti-Christian votes it seems that Mr. Womble intends to overcome Christ’s judgement by good works.

As Bible believing Christians, it is important that we take note of those who call themselves “Christian” yet reject God’s word in their actions. 1 Corinthians 11:1 says “And you should follow my example, just as I follow Christ’s.”

These people who advertise themselves one way yet act in another are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are attempting to destroy the Christian foundation of our country, our schools, and our government. They are succeeding. Spread the word.

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