Judicial Misconduct and Gay Adoption | John W. Pope Civitas Institute

Judicial Misconduct and Gay Adoption | John W. Pope Civitas Institute:

“Federal judges have been making laws from the bench for years without restraint. Unfortunately for the citizens of North Carolina, judges in this state have also begun to make policy from the bench.

While the power to change the law or make new laws is supposed to be the sole power of the Legislature, with a little help from the Governor, some judges in North Carolina have gone even further. They have committed official acts that are in violation of the law.

A recent legal case highlights liberal judicial activism in our state courts. State Sen. Julia Boseman (D-New Hanover) is the state’s first openly homosexual elected legislator. Boseman and her former partner are at the center of a case involving the illegal adoption of a child.

The story of how Boseman and her partner ended up in court arguing over the custody of a child is long and mostly unfit in a family oriented newspaper. The high profile of this case and the legal rulings handed down by the North Carolina Court of Appeals have revealed an ongoing conspiracy of lawyers and judges that have been breaking the law and thumbing their noses at the voters of North Carolina for several years.”

Stringing and Strowing says:

Boseman is the lesbian that introduce the “School Violence Act” that basically made homosexuality a protected class in North Carolina schools. She is a “bad egg” and needs to be thrown out before she causes any more damage.

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