Judicial Misconduct and Gay Adoption | John W. Pope Civitas Institute

Judicial Misconduct and Gay Adoption | John W. Pope Civitas Institute:

“There is no provision in North Carolina law to allow two unmarried people to adopt the same child.

Lawyers in Durham and Chapel Hill have set up quite a lucrative trade by assuring same-sex couples from all over the state that they can make something happen that cannot happen anywhere else and they have been well paid for the service. Court insiders have revealed that each adoption case added $15,000 to the lawyers’ pockets.

By using judges in liberal Durham and Orange counties that side step the law, these lawyers have pushed through several hundred adoptions to homosexual couples. The exact number is not known for a very unusual reason. The adoption files were sealed after they were granted by the judges. If this is such a wonderful and normal process, why has it been hidden from the public for at least the last four years?

What are the consequences for these judges and lawyers breaking the law? Nothing. No disciplinary reviews by the NC Bar. No suspensions from the bench. Despite the fact that any resulting legal precedent will apply to the whole state, the voters of the state will not have a say in the next elections these judges face. Voters – in the “people’s republics” of Durham and Orange counties – will likely vote to keep them in office.”

Stringing and Strowing says: How do you like your state being under the liberal control of progressive judges in Durham and Orange Counties? Yep, just when you thought it was the Supreme Court of the United States that “had a problem” with judges like the newly appointed Sotomayor, you hear something craaaazzy like this. Folks. I hate tell you. It is in your own backyard. Yep. The stench of corruption. These liberal judges are in OUR state and they are like a communicable disease. Their rot is spreading like wildfire and will be or already are in your own county. Open your eyes. Check these people out before you put them into office.

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