Hero’s Sacrifice: Offerring One’s Life For the Truth

The Right Side of Life » Barnett v. Obama: Judge Sets Conference, Tentative Trial Date:

“Orly Taitz asked special permission to depose Lucas Smith on the spot. The defense argued Plaintiff had sprung an ambush witness and they hadn’t been allowed to prepare deposition questions.

Carter ruled against immediate deposition of Smith. Orly Taitz argued strenuously for the deposition stating Smith feared for his life. Taitz also asked for Witness Protection for Smith. I’m not clear where that stands.

Taitz asked for an earlier trial date sooner than 1/26/10 giving her reasons as death threats against herself and witnesses, the likelihood of more evidence disappearing, and the possibility of witnesses being killed before they can testify.”

Stringing and Strowing says: These people…Orly, Smith, all plaintiffs…are American hero’s. Pray daily for them.

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